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Big Boom EuroRack Module
We went back to basics again with our twin Op-Amp designed circuit. Tuning knob will take you anywhere from deep Kick to high Tom sounds. The Decay adjustment will get you from a quick hit to a self-resonating bass drone. A ..::boom::.. button lets you preview the sound or play by finger. Gate In is sensitive enough for most triggers and a LED indicator lets you see when it booms.
Powered - 6hp (30mm)
You get exactly that... a Big Boom. You might need to become better friends with your neighbors after you install a Big Boom or 2 in your rack. Turn down the Tuning and Decay adjustments and just let it rumble. Then again its not hard to tame this beast..Tuning and Decay in the mid range makes a very recognizable and amicable kick drum sound that will drive any melody into something that will make you want to move your body. Manual trigger button on the face lets you play by finger to add just the right low end push to your creation.
Just like every Swizzle Circuits module, it comes fully assembled, tested and ready to go. Just take it out of the package and plug it in.
Big Boom EuroRack Module features:
- includes power cable.
-Install more than one for multiple drum sounds.
- LED indicator shines throught the face to let you see the action.
- Decay adjustment goes into a self-generating bass drone with wave re-triggering for rhythmic stuff.
- ..::boom::.. button allows you to manually trigger the Big Boom for preview or free play.
- Gate In is tuned to accept most CV gate triggers, sequencers and LFO signals.
- Swizzle Circuits custom designed PCB
Big Boom Module Installation and Use Notes