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Dual Opto-Gate Module
At the heart of this module is the ILCT-6 2-channel opto-isolator. Full analog gating with nothing to get in the way of your signal. Inputs can be audio signals OR CV control signals. This little wonder can gate well into the audio range allowing some simple frequency modulation. Gating signals can come from an LFO, envelope, or sequencer.
Non-Powered - 6hp (30mm)
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Tripple Attenuator Module
3 fully independent rows of attenuation ready for mixing and fading audio sounds or limiting CV signals. All channels include luxurious 45mm sliders with LED indicator at the tip to tell you when there is signal at the inputs. Linear range control with total cut off at the bottom and full pass through when the slider is at the top.
Non-Powered - 8hp (40mm)
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Big Boom Drum Module
We went back to basics again with our twin Op-Amp designed circuit. Tuning knob will take you anywhere from deep Kick to high Tom sounds. The Decay adjustment will get you from a quick hit to a self-resonating bass drone. A ..::boom::.. button lets you preview the sound or play by finger. Gate In is sensitive enough for most triggers and a LED indicator lets you see when it booms.
Powered - 6hp (30mm)
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