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Trigger Happy EuroRack Module
If your inspired by clicky, light-up buttons, you'll love our Trigger Happy sequencer module. One row of 8 lights run in a chase with switchable direction. When the sequence gets to a lit button, a TRIGGER pulse is sent to trigger drums, envelopes or S&H. Beautiful Orange back-lit buttons will add movement and sparkle to your rack set-up. Add more than one for a few easy to change drum sequencer tracks.
Powered - 8hp (40mm)
Click a button to turn it on - Click it again to turn it off.. sequencing as simple as that. Adjustable TEMPO knob lets you take it slow or hit the Techno zone. Use Trigger Happy as a master timing clock with the CLOCK OUT jack and adjust multiple modules from one place. Trigger Happy is also, well..happy, to be clocked from another source to keep all your drum and step sequences in time. On the back of the module is a direction switch to change the direction of the chasing lights.
Just like every Swizzle Circuits module, it comes fully assembled, tested and ready to go. Just take it out of the package and plug it in.
Trigger Happy EuroRack Module features:
- includes power cable.
-Install more than one for multiple sequencer tracks.
- (8) Back-lit 9x9mm clicky buttons
- Adjustable TEMPO is a perfect range for 2-bar sequences
-Switchable UP/DOWN or DOWN/UP sequence chase direction
- Can accept CLOCK from other modules to keep it all together.
- Trigger Happy can act as a timing master with the CLOCK OUT feature.
- Swizzle Circuits custom designed PCB