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Tripple Attenuator EuroRack Module
3 fully independant rows of attenuation ready for mixing and fading audio sounds or limiting CV signals. All channels include luxurious 45mm sliders with LED indicator at the tip to tell you when there is signal at the inputs. Linear range control with total cut off at the bottom and full pass through when the slider is at the top.
Non-Powered - 8hp (40mm)
Some of the most basic modules always turn out to be the most useful! At 8hp, this module is small enough to fit anywhere, but big enough to give you full precise control. Grab all three at the same time during a big break! The LED indicator lets you know that your signal is staged right where you want it and ready to be used. Attenuation works just as well to tame unruly LFO, envelope and other CV signals.
Just like every Swizzle Circuits module, it comes fully assembled, tested and ready to go. Just take it out of the package and plug it in.
Tripple Attenuator Module features:
- 45mm linear taper sliders with red indicator LEDs at the tip.
- Non-Powered to fit in anywhere.
- LED indicates incoming signal (audio and CV) at a glance.
- Swizzle Circuits custom designed circuirty and PCB
Tripple Attenuator Installation and Use Notes