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Dual Opto-Gate EuroRack Module
At the heart of this module is the ILCT-6 2-channel opto-isolator. Full analog gating with nothing to get in the way of your signal. Inputs can be audio signals OR CV control signals. This little wonder can gate well into the audio range allowing some simple frequency modulation. Gating signals can come from an LFO, envelope, or sequencer.
Non-Powered - 6hp (30mm)
Seems simple; lots of uses! Similar to Vactrol control, the analog microchip this module is built around has been used for decades to switch isolated circuits and transfer high-speed signals. We took that ability and put it into a passive module that somehow has Gating indicator LEDs that show when the Gate is ON. How did we do that? Hmm. Just like every Swizzle Circuits module, it comes fully assembled, tested and ready to go. Just take it out of the package and plug it in.
Module Features:
- 2 fully independant Gating channels.
- Non-Powered; fits anywhere.
- Gate ON indicator LEDs on each channel.
- Very minimal Gate ON resistance.
- Capable of Gating into the audio range for frequency modulation
- Gating follows LFO or envelope shape.
Swizzle Circuits custom designed PCB and circuitry.
Dual Opto-Gate Installation and Use Notes